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[Newspapers] celebrity world Jennifer lopes

Written By Septian Drak on Selasa, 09 September 2014 | 18.22

Infidelity has been proven to bring more misery than happiness. Jennifer Lopez should be aware of before choosing to play in love with the young leaves. It is initially bring pleasure for him that makes him gradually got terror.

It was a bit of a story of Jennifer Lopez's new movie entitled THE BOY NEXT DOOR. Psychological thriller also starring Ryan Guzman, John Corbett and Kristin Chenoweth has just released its first trailer.

In it you can see how the decision to cheat could bring terror to households that had long existed. Jennifer worked as a teacher until his career to be threatened because of the terror of the affair. Peek into more details in the video below.

To add to the tension of the story in the movie, director Rob Cohen who had experience working on THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS who work on it. Assisted by Barbara Curry, he promises exciting and thrilling tale.

Not the first time Jennifer Lopez plays a woman who was terrorized by a man and finally strike back. Previously he starred in a film titled ENOUGH where he pursued a psychopathic ex-husband.

This new movie will be released on January 23 next year for the United States while the region to the cinemas in the UKhttp://infonews-blog.blogspot.com/, seems to still be patient much longer

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