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[Newspapers] Solena Chaniago where to find a transgender girlfriend

Written By Septian Drak on Selasa, 07 Oktober 2014 | 18.09

Solena Chaniago from Padang is a beautiful transgender successful career in America as a hairstylist. Not only that, he also had minor roles in two Hollywood films starring top actress.

Now, Solena back to Indonesia to try their luck in the world of entertainment. In order to realize his dream, Solena willing to live a long distance relationship with her lover who is a man from Germany.

Solena relationship with her lover has been running six years. Interestingly, the man who concealed his identity that had no idea when Solena is transgender.

"Early courtship she does not know me transgender. Due to high caucasian woman ya body. Soon as I am telling you he had disappeared a few days before it comes back and says: I think this is love," I Solena when they travel to the editorial office

Furthermore, Solena also want to feel like a woman to have a husband in general. And for now, he is waiting for his girlfriend to apply.

"There are plans to get married. We'll see. If he does not want yes people who will apply for me," he concluded relaxed.


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