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Seserahan Raffi Ahmad For Nagita value 1 Billion More?

Written By Septian Drak on Kamis, 16 Oktober 2014 | 07.23

Thursday (16/10) night, Raffi Ahmad will be invited as well as his extended family to visit extended family residence Nagita Slavina Midodareni event. This event itself is one of a series which must be the groom in a traditional Javanese wedding procession.

In this event, Raffi Ahmad will "talk" with my father and mother got Nagita sermon before going any further in the marriage. Along with the visit, Raffi also brings with seserahan he had prepared beforehand. Anything that he brought?

In an exclusive broadcast by Trans, family party Raffi Ahmad seserahan divulge about to be brought to the event Midodareni. Like the seserahan in general, the composition is nothing but the jewelry and other ladies purposes.

"There is a set of jewelry, prayer tools, toiletries, bags and party shoes, makeup bag, gold high heels," said Lovely, representatives Raffi Ahmad Trans. One of the items seen in the special coverage is a kebaya kebaya Nagita Slavina.

While most special item is none other than a diamond is reportedly worth 1.6 billion. Asked about the truth of the news, Beautiful can only answer briefly. "I do not know, ask to Raffi wrote," he concluded.

Raffi Ahmad finally arrived at the residence on the street Nagita Slavina North Tebet 1 no. 11A at 19:30 pm. He was dressed in traditional Javanese clothes, color beskap fuchia, belangkon with batik cloth Raffi entered the house, accompanied by his brother Syahnaz and his mother, Amy Qanita.

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